Bulk-Edge Correspondence for Chern Topological Phases: A Viewpoint from a Generalized Index Theorem

  title={Bulk-Edge Correspondence for Chern Topological Phases: A Viewpoint from a Generalized Index Theorem},
  author={Takahiro Fukui and Ken Shiozaki and Takanori Fujiwara and Satoshi Fujimoto},
  journal={Journal of the Physical Society of Japan},
We explore the bulk-edge correspondence for topological insulators (superconductors) without time-reversal symmetry from the viewpoint of the index theorem for open spaces. We assume generic Hamiltonians not only with a linear dispersion but also with higher order derivatives arising from generic band structures. Using a generalized index theorem valid for such systems, we show the equivalence between the spectral flow of the edge states and the Chern numbers specifying the bulk systems. 
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