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Building space weather resilience in the finance sector

  title={Building space weather resilience in the finance sector},
  author={Lm Green and Richard A. Deighton and D Baker},
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING • Firms should consider activities in-house to understand and evaluate the global impact of space weather risk for their business and build or extend their business resilience and crisis management processes accordingly • Consideration should be given to using a space weather scenario in a market-wide business resilience test, e.g. the Bank of England’s financial sector exercises 

Cascading effects of global positioning and navigation satellite service failures

The challenges around coping with cascading impacts of GNSS failures are discussed, guidance aimed at improving organisational resilience is laid out and advice on how to deal with such impacts is outlined.

Extreme‐Event Magnetic Storm Probabilities Derived From Rank Statistics of Historical Dst Intensities for Solar Cycles 14–24

  • J. Love
  • Environmental Science
    Space Weather
  • 2021
A compilation is made of the largest and second‐largest magnetic‐storm‐maximum intensities, −Dst1 and −Dst2, for solar cycles 14–24 (1902–2016) by sampling Oulu Dcx for cycles 19–24, using published