Building operational research capacity in the Pacific.

  title={Building operational research capacity in the Pacific.},
  author={Karen Bissell and Kerri A Viney and Richard Brostrom and Shakti Gounder and Mohammed Khogali and Kamal Kishore and Bridget Kool and Ajay M V Kumar and Marcel Manzi and Ben Marais and Guy B Marks and Ngu. y Giang Linh and Sharan Ram and Simon Andrew Reid and Christine Roseveare and Katie Tayler-Smith and Rafael Van den Bergh and Anthony D Harries},
  journal={Public health action},
  volume={4 Suppl 1},
Operational research (OR) in public health aims to investigate strategies, interventions, tools or knowledge that can enhance the quality, coverage, effectiveness or performance of health systems. Attention has recently been drawn to the lack of OR capacity in public health programmes throughout the Pacific Islands, despite considerable investment in implementation. This lack of ongoing and critical reflection may prevent health programme staff from understanding why programme objectives are… CONTINUE READING