Building intelligent environments with Smart-Its

  title={Building intelligent environments with Smart-Its},
  author={Lars Erik Holmquist and Hans-Werner Gellersen and Gerd Kortuem and Albrecht Schmidt and Martin Strohbach and Stavros Antifakos and Florian Michahelles and Bernt Schiele and Michael Beigl and Ramia Maz{\'e}},
  journal={IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications},
Smart-Its are self-contained, stick-on computers that attach to everyday objects. These augmented objects become soft media, enabling dynamic digital relationships with users and each other. In the Smart-Its project, we are developing technology to realize a vision of computation everywhere, where computer technology seamlessly integrates into everyday life, supporting users in their daily tasks. By embedding sensors, computation, and communication into common artifacts, future computing… CONTINUE READING
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