Building information model visualisation in augmented reality

  title={Building information model visualisation in augmented reality},
  author={Vishak Dudhee and Vladimir Vukovic},
PurposeThe possibility of integrating building information in an augmented reality (AR) environment provides an effective solution to all phases of a building's lifecycle. This paper explores the integration of building information modelling (BIM) and AR to effectively visualise building information models in an AR environment and evaluates the currently available AR tools.Design/methodology/approachA BIM model of a selected office room was created and superimposed to the actual physical space… 
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This paper has proposed a new approach of incorporating generative design with BIM technologies to solve module layout generations by considering design and constructability constraints.


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Purpose – The purpose of this research is to investigate a new approach with its supporting building information modelling (BIM) + augmented reality (AR) tool to enhance architectural visualisation
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Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging as a technology with a multitude of applications in education and entertainment, and its potential in visualizing the information captured in Building Information Models (BIMs) is discussed.
Integration of Building Information Modelling and Augmented Reality for Building Energy Systems Visualisation
The process of integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) models with Augmented Reality (AR) is described and the current limitations associated with the visualisation of building energy systems in AR using BIM are identified.
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A novel methodology for the application of MR in design coordination as well as the impact of introducing MR into BIM workflow with a focus on the identification and avoidance of clashes is proposed.
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A comprehensive review of a summary of using potential opportunities of AR and VR to solve a variety of construction management issues effectively and efficiently found that AR is successfully used in construction project scheduling, progress tracking, worker training, safety management, time and cost management, and quality and defects management.
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The improvement of BIM uses with the addition of interactive capacities allowed by VR technology is reported to report.
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This paper investigates the available technologies of VR and MR in terms of both hardware and software and compares the functionality between the two for architecture and construction uses.
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This study presents new understanding and insight into the causal drivers and influences associated with successful decision-making design in non-collocated design teams, and research findings form a stepping-stone for developing new relationship models in collaborative environments, particularly gaming interfaces.
BIM-based and AR Application Combined with Location-Based Management System for the Improvement of the Construction Performance
The most important methods and technologies, which are needed to develop the AR4C application are described, which provides context-specific information on construction projects and tasks, as well as key performance indicators on the progress and performance of construction tasks.
A critical review of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) applications in construction safety
Abstract Construction is a high hazard industry which involves many factors that are potentially dangerous to workers. Safety has always been advocated by many construction companies, and they have