Building blocks of a black hole

  title={Building blocks of a black hole},
  author={Jacob David Bekenstein and Gilad Gour},
  journal={Physical Review D},
What is the nature of the energy spectrum of a black hole ? The algebraic approach to black hole quantization requires the horizon area eigenvalues to be equally spaced. As stressed long ago by by Mukhanov, such eigenvalues must be exponentially degenerate with respect to the area quantum number if one is to understand black hole entropy as reflecting degeneracy of the observable states. Here we construct the black hole states by means of a pair of "creation operators" subject to a particular… 
Algebraic approach to quantum black holes: Logarithmic corrections to black hole entropy
The algebraic approach to black hole quantization requires the horizon area eigenvalues to be equally spaced. As shown previously, for a neutral non-rotating black hole, such eigenvalues must be
Black hole quantization, thermodynamics and cosmological constant
Bekenstein argues that the horizon area of a black hole has a constant distance spectrum. We investigate the effects of such a discrete spectrum on the thermodynamics of a Schwarzchild black hole
Investigation on the Mechanical Model and Quantization of Black Holes
Quantum mechanics model of Schwarzschild black hole is obtained by putting the classical Hamilton into Schrodinger equation. The results show that quantum mechanics model of Schwarzschild black hole
The dynamical model and quantization of the Schwarzschild black hole
The mass of the Schwarzschild black hole, an observable quantity, is defined as a dynamical variable, while the corresponding conjugate is considered as a generalized momentum. Then a two-dimensional
Partition Function of the Schwarzschild Black Hole
This work considers a microscopic model of a stretched horizon of the Schwarzschild black hole and obtains an explicit, analytic expression for the partition function of the hole.
Spectrum of quantum black holes and quasinormal modes
The spectrum of multiple level transitions of the quantum black hole is considered, and the line widths calculated. Initial evidence is found for these higher order transitions in the spectrum of
Quantization of Horizon Area of Rotating Spacetimes via an Action Variable
With the help of Bohr-Sommerfield quantization rule, area spectrum of a rotating black hole is obtained by studying an adiabatic invariant action variable. We put the background spacetime into the
Quantum spectrum for a Kerr–Newman black hole
In this paper, we consider the quantum area spectrum for a rotating and charged (Kerr–Newman) black hole. Generalizing a recent study on Kerr black holes (which was inspired by the static black-hole


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Advances in the interplay between quantum and gravity physics
Preface. Quantum Information and Quantum Black Holes J.D. Bekenstein. Atomic Clocks and Atom Interferometry C.J. Borde. Canonical Gravity and Mach's Principle: Kinematic and Dynamic Solutions of the
General Relativity; an Einstein Centenary Survey
List of contributors Preface 1. An introductory survey S. W. Hawking and W. Israel 2. The confrontation between gravitation theory and experiment C. M. Will 3. Gravitational-radiation experiments D.
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