Building an Icelandic Entity Linking Corpus

  title={Building an Icelandic Entity Linking Corpus},
  author={Steinunn Rut Friðriksd{\'o}ttir and Valdimar 'Ag'ust Eggertsson and Benedikt Geir J'ohannesson and Hjalti Dan{\'i}elsson and Hrafn Loftsson and Hafsteinn Þ{\'o}r Einarsson},
In this paper, we present the first Entity Linking corpus for Icelandic. We describe our approach of using a multilingual entity linking model (mGENRE) in combination with Wikipedia API Search (WAPIS) to label our data and compare it to an approach using WAPIS only. We find that our combined method reaches 53.9% coverage on our corpus, compared to 30.9% using only WAPIS. We analyze our results and explain the value of using a multilingual system when working with Icelandic. Additionally, we… 

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