Building a service-oriented ebanking platform

  title={Building a service-oriented ebanking platform},
  author={Tony Chao Shan},
  journal={IEEE International Conference onServices Computing, 2004. (SCC 2004). Proceedings. 2004},
  • T. Shan
  • Published 15 September 2004
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference onServices Computing, 2004. (SCC 2004). Proceedings. 2004
This paper describes an e-business solution model designed in Wachovia Corporation, one of the top largest banks in USA, serving millions of customers with a variety of financial services such as online banking, billpay and brokerage. A pragmatic process is designed to migrate conventional n-tier ecommerce systems to a service-oriented computing paradigm, which comprises service-oriented architecture (SOA), integration (SOI), process (SOP) and management (SOM). A hybrid methodology is developed… 

Corporate Portals from a Service-Oriented Perspective The CoFiPot Implementation

It is argued that portal applications not only consume services but also act as business-context-sensitive gateway services that facilitate re-use, agility and IT-business alignment.

Solution Architecture for N-Tier Applications

  • T. ShanWinnie W. Hua
  • Computer Science
    2006 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC'06)
  • 2006
A new service-oriented model is proposed in this paper, to extend the traditional 3-tier architectural style and position the emerging technologies/products in the right places in the architecture structure.

Towards a Systematic Method for Solutions Architecting

This systematic method has been customized and adapted to be extensively applied in one form or another to develop various IT solutions across a broad range of industrial sectors.

Best practices for web applications to improve performance of QoS

A Case study of Automatic Gas Booking system, a business process development strategy and best practices used in development of software components used in web applications, and the classification of QWS dataset with 2507 records, service invocations, integration and security for web applications are proposed.

An analysis of service oriented architectures

SOA focuses on sharing of business processes and knowledge both within and outside the boundaries of an organization to create an interface that the consumer of the service can easily understand.

Solution Architecting Mechanism

  • T. ShanWinnie W. Hua
  • Computer Science
    2006 10th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC'06)
  • 2006
This paper defines a methodical approach, named solution architecting mechanism (SAM), to coping with the architecture complexity of enterprise information systems in IT solution designs, and proposes several unconventional concepts and thinking styles.

Towards agricultural marketing reforms: Web services orchestration approach

This research paper demonstrates Web services based business process management system, developed to aid marketing of agricultural produce, and demonstrates a complete business process that is initiated by a farmer with a mobile PDA involving trade of an agricultural produce in the market place.

Service Oriented Grid Computing Model as a means of Cost Sharing in the Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya

A high-level description of each of the key technologies in distributed systems are service-oriented architecture (SOA), Web services, and grid computing, and how they can be used to develop a cost effective co-funded dynamic system that could be used by the institutions in Kenya.

Chapter I Towards a Systematic Method for Solutions Architecting

This systematic method has been customized and adapted to be extensively applied in one form or another to develop various IT solutions across a broad range of industrial sectors.

Reinterpreting the principles of SOA through the cybernetic concepts of VSM to design the ESB as iPaaS in the cloud

A set of novel design principles, based on the cybernetic concepts of the Viable System Model (VSM), are proposed to contribute to the design of the ESB as a Cloud service model, such as the Infrastructure Platform as a Service (iPaaS).



A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture

In A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture, six leading experts present indispensable technical, process, and business insight into every aspect of enterprise architecture for effective system, software, and service-oriented architectures.

J2ee Best Practices: Java Design Patterns, Automation, and Performance

In this book, Darren Broemmer supplies you with a set of best practices for J2EE development and then teaches you how to use them to construct an application architecture referred to as the reference architecture.

Model Driven Architecture: Applying MDA to Enterprise Computing

This book discusses model Driven Enterprise Computing, Meta Object Facility, and Modeling Transformations with CWM, and the role of UML in MDA.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

This book discusses the evolution of Layers in Enterprise Applications, Concurrency Problems, and Object-Relational Behavioral Patterns, as well as some Technology-Specific Advice.

The Art of Software Architecture: Design Methods and Techniques

This book synthesizes and distills information so that the practicing software architect, and especially the beginning software architect, can fill in the gaps in their understanding of software