Building a demonstration prototype for the preservation of large-scale multimedia collections

  title={Building a demonstration prototype for the preservation of large-scale multimedia collections},
  author={Arcot Rajasekar and Richard J. Marciano and Reagan Moore and Chien-Yi Hou and Francine Berman and Lynn Burstan and Steve Anderson and Mellisa McEwen and Bee Bornheimer and Harry Kreisler and Brian E. C. Schottlaender and Luc DeClerck and Bradley D. Westbrook and Arwen Hutt and Ardys Kozbial and Chris Frymann and Vivian Chu},
The NSF-DIGARCH is building digital preservation lifecycle management infrastructure for the preservation of large-scale multimedia collections. The infrastructure consists of interfaces to TV production lifecycle systems, metadata definition and capture systems, and a persistent archive workflow which preserves the material in a SRB data grid. Kepler is used to build the workflow. 
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