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Building a Matlab/Simulink Model of a SiC-JFET for the investigation of Solid State DC Breaker

  title={Building a Matlab/Simulink Model of a SiC-JFET for the investigation of Solid State DC Breaker},
  author={Thi Thuong Huyen Ma and Hamed Yahoui and Fedia Baccar El Boubkari and Herv{\'e} Morel and Hoang Giang Vu and Nicolas Siauve},
Recently, solid state DC circuit breaker (SSCB) using normally-on SiC-JFET offers a great protection device for DC microgrid due to its fast response time (in tens of microseconds) and low on-state losses. At the simulation stage, an appropriate model of the SiC-JFET should be built in order to reflect correctly behaviors of the breaker during faults and clearing faults processes. For instance, the fault clearing time should be in tens of microseconds. This paper presents the development of a… Expand
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