Building Trajan's Column

  title={Building Trajan's Column},
  author={Lynne C. Lancaster},
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Trajan's Column is best known for its sculptured spiral frieze celebrating Trajan's victories in the Dacian Wars, but it is also a complex architectural monument representing an impressive feat of engineering. The Column is made up of 29 blocks of Luna marble weighing from 25 to 77 tons, the highest of which had to be raised to 38.4 m above ground. In this paper I discuss the evidence both for the construction of the Column and for the organization of the building site. Excavations earlier in… 
La Colonna di Traiano alla luce di recenti Indagini*
RECENT INVESTIGATIONS OF TRAJAN'S COLUMN Whilst some maintenance work was being undertaken in the area of Trajan's Column, the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma, and specifically the architect
The Archaic Colonnade at Ancient Corinth: A Case of Early Roman Spolia
  • J. M. Frey
  • History
    American Journal of Archaeology
  • 2015
Although it is rarely discussed, a row of badly worn Archaic-period columns that lines the western side of the Upper Forum of ancient Corinth holds the potential to speak volumes about several
The Temple of Peace in Rome
Date: 75 CE Material: Marble. Measurements: 110m x 135m Building Typology: Temple. Description: Rectangular enclosure laid out along the same alignment as the Forum of Augustus, to which it faces but
Depicting barbarism on fire: architectural destruction on the Columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius
  • E. Thill
  • History, Art
    Journal of Roman Archaeology
  • 2011
This article explores the depictions of architecture on the Columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius. Trajan’s Column alone features depictions of over 300 architectural structures, the vast majority of
The Columnae coc(h)lides of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius
of buildings and monuments in the imperial capital, compiled region by region, and dating to the late third and early fourth centuries respectively.1 In them, the columns of Trajan and of Marcus
Technical Utilization of Lifting Devices for Construction Purposes in Ancient Gerasa, Jordan
As one important Decapolis city for the Romans, Gerasa in Jordan was built to display luxury and to show the power of the Roman Empire. Monumental planning and architecture achieved this goal by
Experimental vibration analyses of a historic tower structure
Tower structures were often built by Romans to celebrate military victories, especially in honor of army leaders. They played an important role in the reconstruction of some historical periods, but
Trajan's column
Trajan's column, dedicated in May 113 ce, consists of a pedestal decorated with images of captured arms and a column with spiral freeze commemorating Trajan's (r. 98–117) successful campaigns in
Damasus and the Invention of Early Christian Rome
In 1864 Giovanni Battista de Rossi (1822–1894) dedicated the first volume of La Roma sotterranea cristiana to Rome’s “second Damasus,” the Risorgimento pope, Pius IX (1846–1878).1 The comparison is
Macrina's Tattoo
When the time came to cover the body with the robe, the injunction of the great lady made it necessary for me to perform this function. The woman who was present and sharing the great assignment with