Building The New Canadian Political Economy

  title={Building The New Canadian Political Economy},
  author={Chris Hurl and Benjamin Christensen},
  journal={Studies in Political Economy},
  pages={167 - 193}
Abstract Since the late 1960s, the New Canadian Political Economy (NCPE) has played an important role in shaping the trajectory of the social sciences in Canada and informing the political goals and strategies of a range of progressive social movements. However, few studies have attempted to trace the history of the NCPE as a distinctive intellectual tradition or account for its place in consolidating a Left political milieu in Canada outside of Quebec. Exploring the NCPE as part of a wider… 
Alternatives: New Canadian Political Economy and the relations of ruling: a comment on C. Hurl and B. Christensen
Abstract This comment takes C. Hurl and B. Christensen’s recent article in Studies in Political Economy as an opportunity to ask how their retrospective construction of the New Canadian Political
Conservative Economic Nationalism and the National Policy: Rae, Buchanan and Early Canadian Protectionist Thought
  • E. Helleiner
  • Political Science
    Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 2019
Abstract Two distinct strands of conservative Canadian economic nationalism—associated with the ideas of John Rae and Isaac Buchanan—helped to inform the country's protectionist National Policy of
'To Waffle to the Left:' The Waffle, the New Democratic Party, and Canada's New Left during the Long Sixties
The Sixties were time of conflict and change in Canada and beyond. Radical social movements and countercultures challenged the conservatism of the preceding decade, rejected traditional forms of


Canadian Political Economy
In Canadian Political Economy, experts from a number of disciplinary backgrounds come together to explore Canada’s empirical political economy and the field’s contributions to theory and debate.
Political Economy and the Canadian Working Class: Marxism or Nationalist Reformism?
The dominant, nationalist tradition of left-wing political economy in Canada has always stood as an obstacle to the articulation of a Marxist political economy of Canada capable of contributing to
The fiscal crisis of the state
The Fiscal Crisis of the State refers to the tendency of government expenditures to outpacxe revenues in the U. S. during the later 1960s and early 1970s, but its relevance to other countries of the
Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism
Canadians have relatively few binding national myths, but one of the most pervasive and enduring is the conviction that the country is doomed. In 1965 George Grant passionately defended Canadian
Power Elite
  • C. Mills
  • Political Science
    Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
  • 2014
The power elite, according to Mills, is composed of men who occupy positions of authority in major institutions and organizations in the economic, political, and military arenas that are wealthy, have prestigious jobs, and wield extraordinary decision making powers.
Political Economy in the Modern State.
LORD ACTON' has outlined the historical background of modern freedom essential to the social sciences. The lesson of Athenian experience taught that "government by the whole people, being the
Oral History and Working Class History: A Rewarding Alliance
Since the 1960s, if not before, oral history and working-class history have been a dynamic duo, complimenting and overlapping, but also challenging and questioning each other. Both lay and
The Double Ghetto Canadian Women And Their Segregated Work
the double ghetto canadian women and their segregated work is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public so you can download it instantly. Our books collection hosts in
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