Building Technology Services That Address Student Needs

  title={Building Technology Services That Address Student Needs},
  author={Jeanne Marie Le Ber and Nancy T. Lombardo and Erin Wimmer},
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A 16-question technology use survey was conducted to assess incoming health sciences students’ knowledge of and interest in current technologies, and to identify student device and tool preferences. Survey questions were developed by colleagues at a peer institution and then edited to match this library's student population. Two years of student responses have been compiled, compared, and reviewed as a means for informing library decisions related to technology and resource purchases… 
Use of annual surveying to identify technology trends and improve service provision
Objective At an academic health sciences library serving a wide variety of disciplines, studying library users’ technology use provides necessary information on intersection points for library
Assessment and Support for Basic Computer Skills at Community College Hispanic Serving Institutions in California
This cross-sectional survey study was conducted to determine if California community colleges designated as Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) assess incoming students for basic computer skills,
Library as the Technology Hub for the Health Sciences
An academic health sciences libraries role in facilitating the use of technology in health sciences curricula and the library's value in leading the exploration of new technology, including Do-It-Yourself multimedia tools, virtual reality, virtual anatomy, and 3D printing is demonstrated.


Measuring patrons' technology habits: an evidence-based approach to tailoring library services.
A survey was implemented at seven health sciences libraries to help answer questions about student ownership of technological devices, awareness of new technologies, and interest in using devices and technologies to interact with the library.
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UT 84112-5890. Nancy T. Lombardo, MLS, AHIP ( is Associate Director for Information Technology
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