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Building Strong Brands

  title={Building Strong Brands},
  author={David A. Aaker},
As industries turn increasingly hostile, it is clear that strong brand-building skills are needed to survive and prosper. In David Aaker's pathbreaking book, "Managing Brand Equity, " managers discovered the value of a brand as a strategic asset and a company's primary source of competitive advantage. Now, in this compelling new work, Aaker uses real brand-building cases from Saturn, General Electric, Kodak, Healthy Choice, McDonald's, and others to demonstrate how strong brands have been… 
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The changing marketing dynamics and heightened competition of global economy has amplified the role of brands to an unsurpassed level. Brand marketers seek ways to achieve growth while reducing both
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The importance of building brands with high levels of brand equity is widely acknowledged by scholars and practitioners alike. Such strong brands enable firms to generate stronger earnings and
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Strong brand enhances positive evaluations of a product’s quality, maintains a high level of product awareness, and provides a consistent image or brand personality. As time passes by, these brands
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Branding is not a modern concept, but it existed pr ior to the 20th century. The oldest generic brand i n continuous use in India since the Vedic period is C hyawanprash. The importance of branding
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Organizations strive to discover the ‘holy grail’ of their competitive advantage.Brand management is treated as a critical success factor to generate competitive advantage. Because brands are valued
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Brands have become a vital part of the marketing strategy of any organization, the future of firms’ lies in branding. Successful brands are like a motivating force containing enough energy to
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Brand architecture is a set of interlinked building blocks reflecting the levels of branding, from higher level corporate brands to lower level product sub-brands, and the linkages amongst them
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Abstract Sponsorship offers unique opportunities for operationalizing brand strategy. Yet, despite the increasing volume of sponsorship research, marketing researchers are only just beginning to
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Purpose A strong brand is one that consumers know and perceive as differentiated from competing brands. Building brands with high levels of awareness and uniqueness is critical to ensuring
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The maintenance of brand equity over the long term receives little attention in the brand management literature. This paper examines examples of evolutionary and revolutionary brand changes. A