Building Effective Blended Learning Programs

  title={Building Effective Blended Learning Programs},
  author={H. Singh},
  journal={Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Implementation of E-Learning Frameworks},
  • H. Singh
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science
  • Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Implementation of E-Learning Frameworks
Introduction The first generation of e-learning or Web-based learning programs focused on presenting physical classroom-based instructional content over the Internet. [...] Key Result Anecdotal evidence indicates that blended learning not only offers more choices but also is more effective.Expand
The authors outline the advantages and limitations of blended learning options and present a case study on how one organization, Certified Medical Representatives Institute (CMRI), made the shift to a blended approach in its course product line, highlighting both successes and challenges faced in the transition. Expand
Learning design for a successful blended e-learning environment: cultural dimensions
A new blended e-learning model is introduced that accommodates different cultural groups and various learning strategies, and new concepts related to the learning strategies and multimedia design in blended elearning are introduced. Expand
Introducing Distance Learning to Novice E-Learners via Course Web Enhancements
At the most simplistic level, blended learning involves collaboration between the delivery of resources online and what most refer to as “traditional” classroom instruction. This article discussesExpand
Blended e-learning process for professional and on distance learners
  • J. Schreurs, A. Al-Huneidi
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 2012 International Conference on Interactive Mobile and Computer Aided Learning (IMCL)
  • 2012
In the new model of blended learning, the learning process is competency directed and is composed of constructivism based learning activities, some of them face to face activities and others being online activities. Expand
Blended Learning Based Educational Technology Training for Teachers in Colleges and Universities
  • Chao Cao, Jingdong Zhu, H. Peng
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 International Workshop on Education Technology and Training & 2008 International Workshop on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • 2008
This paper investigates the way of how to integrate the idea of blended learning into the practice of teacherspsila professional development and pilot study, principles, and content modules with learning method and training implement programs. Expand
Moving forward with blended learning (BL) as a pedagogical alternative to traditional classroom learning
The paper looks at learning as described by the learners – it is their story, their experiences and their perspective on graduate learning experiences at the institution as well as the role of learning support to facilitate BL and the provision of better educational experiences and outcomes at UUM. Expand
Blended Learning for Lifelong Learning: An Innovation for College Education Students
The main purpose of this paper was to find out the effect of blended learning (BL) approach on the students' performance in education subjects and presents instructional strategies on how to effectively integrate content, pedagogy and technology to enhance the teaching and learning of education courses. Expand
Building effective blended learning for Engineering studies
A summative analysis has been performed based on an analysis of the success of two student test groups of the College of Computing and Business Communications eMPIRICA in BiH to estimate the efficiency of the applied blended learning model in comparison with traditional learning. Expand
Blended learning : meeting the needs of distance education students
This thesis involved research into the barriers and enablers that existed for a cohort of mature-aged education support students engaging with blended learning through distance education. TheExpand
Context-based blended learning models and implementation in Sub- Saharan Africa: A literature review
The article surmises that the innovative pedagogies in higher education like mobile learning, e-learning and smart classrooms stimulate adoption, deployment and implementation of blended learning beyond expectations in SSA higher education. Expand


Behavioral Evaluation of Preference for Game-Based Teaching Procedures
The aim of this paper is to add game component to an already tested teaching program as a form to evaluate game impact on motivation, since changes in baseline performance in these programs can indicate the motivational influences of the educational games. Expand
The Role of Learning Styles in Game-Based Learning
Adaptinglearningtothelevelandpreferencesoflearnersandgame-basedlearninghaveincreasingly receivedmuchattention.ThecurrentstudyexaminedwhetherlearningstylesbasedontheExpand
Blended learning- A progressive approach in education.
  • International Journal of Applied Research
  • 2019
Beyond Technical Standards to Guides for Professional Practice Stephen Marshall
  • Handbook of Research on E-Learning Standards and Interoperability: Frameworks and Issues
  • 2011
Building Effective Blended Learning Programs.
  • Educational Technology
  • 2003
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