Building Bridges Across Diversity

  title={Building Bridges Across Diversity},
  author={Hannah King and Fiona Measham and Kate O’Brien},
  journal={International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education},
The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Programme is a unique prison education programme that brings together ‘Inside' (prison) students and ‘Outside' (university) students to learn collaboratively through dialogue and community-building exercises within the prison walls. Challenging prejudices and breaking down social barriers, the programme provides students from diverse backgrounds with a transformative learning opportunity. Drawing on the critical pedagogy of Paolo Freire and the teaching practice… 

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion Through Students’ Transformative Experiences in Prison

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program has been delivered at three prisons in Victoria, Australia. The programme includes two diverse student cohorts: incarcerated individuals and RMIT’s criminology

Changing views and perceptions: the impact of the Australian Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program on students

ABSTRACT The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program has been delivered at 2 prisons in Victoria, Australia, Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and Marngoneet Correctional Centre, since 2015. Selected university

An Analysis of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program: Outside Students’ Empathy, Social Connectedness, and Criminal Justice Activism

Abstract The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program unites college students and incarcerated individuals for semester-long courses. The present study assessed the association between Inside-Out

Critical Reflections on Higher Education in Prison

This special issue of the Journal of Prison Education and Reentry highlights many of the successful outcomes that stem from prison-university partnerships while also presenting a significant insight

Understanding Aspiration and Education Towards Desistance from Offending: The Role of Higher Education in Wales

There has been a growing recognition of the value of education in facilitating desistance from offending. Yet, despite a determined push to “widen access” universities continue to be an unwelcoming

Learning Desistance Together

Drawing on self-report data from a Learning Criminology Inside initiative bringing together BA Criminology students from the University of Manchester with prison-based students from a category C



Prison(er) education

‘Helping those serving long sentences to ‘do’ imprisonment’was the advice given to prison educational practitioners at a recent conference on dispersal prisons. Prisoners on any education courses

Can prisons work? : the prisoner as object and subject in modern corrections

Can individuals be reformed or rehabilitated in the prison? A persistent body of work indicates that rehabilitation and/or reformation through incarceration is illusory. Exceptions, according to this

Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom

Introduction: Teaching to Transgress 1. Engaged Pedagogy 2. A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change 3. Embracing Change: Teaching in a Multicultural World 4. Paulo Freire 5.

Exploring Ethnic Inequalities in Admission to Russell Group Universities

Analysis of national university applications and admissions data finds ethnic inequalities in the chances of receiving an admissions offer from a Russell Group university are found to be greater in relation to courses where ethnic minorities make up a larger percentage of applicants.

Carceral Tours and the Need for Reflexivity: A Response to Wilson, Spina and Canaan

In previous work (see Piche and Walby) we argued that carceral tours as commonly practised have limited pedagogical and research value, and contribute to the degradation that prisoners experience.

Politics and Reason

One Brick at a Time

The emotional geography of prison life

Accounts of prison life consistently describe a culture of mutual mistrust, fear, aggression and barely submerged violence. Often too, they explain how prisoners adapt to this environment—in men’s