Buffered development: resilience after aggressive subordination in infancy.

  title={Buffered development: resilience after aggressive subordination in infancy.},
  author={Hugh Drummond and Roxana Torres and Vish V. Krishnan},
  journal={The American naturalist},
  volume={161 5},
Do aggressive dominance and subordination in vertebrate broods and litters affect development? We examined 1,167 fledglings from two-chick broods of the blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii), a species in which the first-hatched chick dominates with violent attacks throughout the nestling period and subordinates suffer lower fledging success, but if both broodmates survive, they grow to the same size. There was little evidence that dominant fledglings were more likely to recruit into the breeding… CONTINUE READING


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