Buffer Management for Multimedia QoS Control over HSDPA Downlink


HSDPA specifications include support for a flexible framework for QoS management. In this paper, it is shown how buffer management could be incorporated into HSDPA QoS framework for 'multimedia' traffic QoS control in the MAC-hs of the Node-B. A time-space-priority (TSP) scheme is proposed as viable buffer management scheme to this effect. Comparative… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/AINAW.2007.115


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@article{Yerima2007BufferMF, title={Buffer Management for Multimedia QoS Control over HSDPA Downlink}, author={Suleiman Y. Yerima and Khalid Al-Begain}, journal={21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops (AINAW'07)}, year={2007}, volume={1}, pages={912-917} }