Budgeting nursing workload for required minimum data set assessments.


AIM The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability and validity of an instrument used to measure nursing workload of federally mandated assessments. Specifically, the instrument measures the nursing workload of the resident assessment instrument the mandated assessment tool used in nursing facilities. BACKGROUND It is imperative that nursing managers and nurse executives in health care organizations have a process to budget Registered Nurse full-time equivalents required for federally mandated assessments. METHODS The sample (N=48) included nursing facility minimum data set Coordinators. Reliability and validity scores of the nursing workload instrument are calculated using Pearson correlation coefficients (r). RESULTS The nursing workload instrument demonstrated reliability and validity. Total nursing workload to complete the minimum data set for nursing facilities is summarized. CONCLUSION The results provide support for a reliable and valid instrument to measure nursing workload for standardized minimum data set assessments.

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