Budding yeast Rad9 is an ATP-dependent Rad53 activating machine.

  title={Budding yeast Rad9 is an ATP-dependent Rad53 activating machine.},
  author={Christopher S. Gilbert and Catherine Green and Noel Francis Lowndes},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={8 1},
We find budding yeast Rad9 in two distinct, large, and soluble complexes in cell extracts. The larger (> or =850 kDa) complex, found in nondamaged cells, contains hypophosphorylated Rad9, whereas the smaller (560 kDa) complex, which forms after DNA damage, contains hyperphosphorylated Rad9 and Rad53. This smaller Rad9 complex is capable of catalyzing phosphorylation and release of active Rad53 kinase, a process requiring the kinase activity of Rad53. However, Mec1 and Tel1 are no longer… CONTINUE READING

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