Buddhism, Asian Values, and Democracy

  title={Buddhism, Asian Values, and Democracy},
  author={Dalai Lama Xiv Bstan-dzin-rgya-mtsho},
  journal={Journal of Democracy},
  pages={3 - 7}

Power and Humility

Do Asian Values Still Exist? Revisiting the Roots in Search of a Plausible Future

In a world ripped with conflicting issues stemming from varying interests and pressing common concerns, the role of culture and tradition seems to have gained greater salience. At the core of Asia’s

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Abstract The relationship between religion and democracy is a perennial debate in democratic theory. Recent arguments have been made that certain religions, especially Anglo-Protestantism, are

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This article explores how displaced Tibetans demarcate and characterize the Tibetan demos in the process of building a democratic community and a government-in-exile. In this democracy-in-exile,

When Agency Triumphs Over Structure: Conceptualizing Bhutan’s Unique Transition to Democracy

There a few absolutes in political science, but the historical observation that democracy does not just evolve without any form of struggle or demand for it, and the theoretical assumption that

The Asian Values Thesis Revisited: Evidence from the World Values Surveys

  • C. Welzel
  • Sociology, Economics
    Japanese Journal of Political Science
  • 2011
Abstract The thesis that ‘Asian’ cultures oppose the ‘Western’ emphasis on emancipative values and liberal democracy has mostly been criticized for its political instrumentality. By contrast, the

Service offshoring: the evolution of offshore operations

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of economic development on culture and the significance of cultural change on the evolution of offshoring of services and knowledge‐based