Bucky Ball Organizes Germ Plasm Assembly in Zebrafish

  title={Bucky Ball Organizes Germ Plasm Assembly in Zebrafish},
  author={Franck Bontems and Amandine Stein and Florence L Marlow and Jacqueline Lyautey and Tripti Gupta and Mary C Mullins and Roland Dosch},
  journal={Current Biology},
In many animals, gamete formation during embryogenesis is specified by maternal cytoplasmic determinants termed germ plasm. During oogenesis, germ plasm forms a distinct cellular structure such as pole plasm in Drosophila or the Balbiani body, an aggregate of organelles also found in mammals. However, in vertebrates, the key regulators of germ plasm assembly are largely unknown. Here, we show that, at the beginning of zebrafish oogenesis, the germ plasm defect in bucky ball (buc) mutants… CONTINUE READING
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