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Bubble instability of mIIA on $\mathrm{AdS}_4\times S^6$

  title={Bubble instability of mIIA on \$\mathrm\{AdS\}\_4\times S^6\$},
  author={Pieter Bomans and Davide A. D. Cassani and Giuseppe Dibitetto and Nicol{\`o} Petri},
We consider compactifications of massive IIA supergravity on a six-sphere. This setup is known to give rise to non-supersymmetric AdS 4 vacua preserving SO(7) as well as G 2 residual symmetry. Both solutions have a round S 6 metric and are supported by the Romans’ mass and internal F 6 flux. While the SO(7) invariant vacuum is known to be perturbatively unstable, the G 2 invariant one has been found to have a fully stable Kaluza-Klein spectrum. Moreover, it has been shown to be protected against… 

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