Bubble dynamics for broadband microrheology of complex fluids

  title={Bubble dynamics for broadband microrheology of complex fluids},
  author={Brice Saint-Michel and Valeria Garbin},
  journal={Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science},

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Emergence of debubblers in microfluidics: A critical review.

Bubbles in microfluidics-even those that appear to be negligibly small-are pervasive and responsible for the failure of many biological and chemical experiments. For instance, they block current

Unsteady cavitation dynamics and frequency lock-in of a freely vibrating hydrofoil at high Reynolds number

In the current work, we investigate the influence of unsteady partial cavitation on the fluid-structure interaction of a freely vibrating hydrofoil section at high Reynolds num-bers. We consider an

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Abstract We experimentally observe and theoretically analyse oscillations of a spherical bubble in a gelatin gel under ultrasound irradiation to quantify viscoelastic effects on the nonlinear bubble

Predicting complex nonspherical instability shapes of inertial cavitation bubbles in viscoelastic soft matter.

A new theoretical framework capable of accurately predicting the onset of nonspherical instability shapes of a bubble in a soft material by explicitly accounting for all pertinent nonlinear interactions between the cavitation bubble and the solid surroundings is provided.



Linear oscillation of gas bubbles in a viscoelastic material under ultrasound irradiation

Acoustically forced oscillation of spherical gas bubbles in a viscoelastic material is studied through comparisons between experiments and linear theory. An experimental setup has been designed to

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Turning Drops into Bubbles: Cavitation by Vapor Diffusion through Elastic Networks.

The initial shrinkage as a classical diffusive process, while the sudden bubble growth and oscillations are described using an inertial-(visco)elastic model, in excellent agreement with the experiments.

A model for the dynamics of gas bubbles in soft tissue.

The Keller-Miksis equation is rederived and combined with a viscoelastic model to account for the strain-stress relation and the results show that the presence of the elasticity increases the threshold pressure for a bubble to oscillate inertially, and subharmonic signals may only be detectable in certain ranges of radius and pressure amplitude.

Bubble dynamics in a viscoelastic medium with nonlinear elasticity

Abstract In a variety of recently developed medical procedures, bubbles are formed directly in soft tissue and may cause damage. While cavitation in Newtonian liquids has received significant

High-frequency linear rheology of hydrogels probed by ultrasound-driven microbubble dynamics.

The resonance frequency of the bubbles was found to increase with increasing shear modulus of the medium, with implications for optimisation of imaging and therapeutic ultrasound protocols, as well as rheological characterisation of biomaterials for medical ultrasound applications.

Single bubble sonoluminescence

Single-bubble sonoluminescence occurs when an acoustically trapped and periodically driven gas bubble collapses so strongly that the energy focusing at collapse leads to light emission. Detailed

The effects of heat and mass diffusion on freely oscillating bubbles in a viscoelastic, tissue-like medium.

A numerical model for bubble dynamics in tissue-like, viscoelastic media is presented, in which full thermal effects are included inside and outside the bubble, as well as interdiffusion of vapor and non-condensible gas inside the bubble.