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Bryophytes, lichens and cyanoprocaryotes in surroundings of Pyramiden (Svalbard): a concise guide-book

  title={Bryophytes, lichens and cyanoprocaryotes in surroundings of Pyramiden (Svalbard): a concise guide-book},
  author={Mike E. Dodd and Irina V. Tatarenko and Natalia E. Koroleva},
This book presents some widespread and rare species of mosses, liverworts, lichens and cyanoprokaryotes in the surroundings of Pyramiden town on Svalbard archipelago, together with brief explanations of morphology, ecology and distribution of selected species. Five excursion routes in and around Pyramiden show the diversity of cryptogamic organisms and their habitats. The book contains more than 200 full-colored photographs and five maps of the excursion routes. To all who are interested in… 

A contribution to the knowledge of bryophytes in polar areas subjected to rapid deglaciation: a case study from southeastern Spitsbergen

The paper provides a list of 54 species of bryophytes (48 mosses and six liverworts) collected from Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago (Norwegian Arctic), in 2016.

The rise and fall of Pyramiden: The story of a town in a wider geopolitical and environmental context

Abstract Climate change has become significantly pronounced in the Arctic over recent decades. In addition to these climate effects, the environment has experienced severe anthropogenic pressure