Bryophyte flora of Western Melanesia

  title={Bryophyte flora of Western Melanesia},
  author={Timo Koponen},
  journal={Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution},
  • T. Koponen
  • Published 31 December 1990
  • Environmental Science, Biology
  • Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution
A project dealing with the hepatic and moss floras of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands has proceeded more than halfway. The revision of the flora is based on the study of ca 17000 specimens collected in 1981. Two new genera and ca 50 new species have been described in 33 published papers and seven manuscripts. Many families, genera and species not previously recorded for the area have been added to the flora. More than 300 names have been reduced to synonyms. The percentage of endemic species… 
Endangered bryophytes on a global scale
Finnish–Hungarian Cooperation in Bryology; Memories from Excursions, Congresses and Research with Professor Tamás Pócs
The paper describes Professor Tamas Pocs’ cooperation with Finnish bryologists and other cryptogam taxonomists. Cooperation began with exchange of reprints in 1966 and identification of African
Taconomic Studies of the Bartramiaceae, Bryopsida


Altitudinal zonation of bryophytes on the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. : A floristic approach, with phytogeographic considerations
The study is based on the major part of the bryophyte material collected during the Koponen-Norris expedition on the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea, in 1981. Only taxa which were collected at least
Bryophyte flora of the Huon peninsula, Papua New Guinea. XXIX: Jungermanniaceae and Gymnomitriaceae (Hepaticae)
Jungermanniaceae is represented by Jungermannia and Notoscyphus in Western Melanesia and Gymnomitriaceae has only Marsupella revoluta (Nees) Dum.
Bryophytes from Frieda River, East and West Sepik Provinces, Papua New Guinea. II: Hepaticae (Haplomitriaceae-Frullaniaceae)
Seventy one species of Hepatics are given for Frieda River area of East and West Sepik provinces of Papua New Guinea in this paper. Mastigophora sepikiana Piippo, Schistochila undulatifolia Piippo
Bryophytes flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. XXXI: Cephaloziaceae subfam. Alobielloideae, Cephaloziellaceae, Antheliaceae and Lophoziaceae (Hepaticae)
All the species of Western Melanesia, and descriptions and illustrations for all the species occurring on the Huon Peninsula, are provided.
Bryophytes from Frieda River, East and West Speik Provinces, Papua New Guinea. III: Syrrhopodon curticancellinatus, species nova (Calymperaceae)
A new tazon of Papua New Guinea is described, related to S. ciliatus (Hook.) Schwaegr.
Biogeographical evolution of the Malay Archipelago
T C Whitmore: Introduction M G Audley-Charles: Dispersal of Gondwanaland Armen Takhtajan: Flowering plant origin and dispersal: the cradle of the angiosperms revisited Elizabeth M Truswell, A Peter
Bryophytes in perennially moist forests of Papua New Guinea: ecological orientation and predictions of disturbance effects
Water relations of bryophytes must be understood along at least four dimensions: hydration/dehydration frequency; hydration duration; dehydration duration; degree of water loss. All these are
Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien: nebst ihren Gattungen und wichtigeren Arten insbesondere den Nutzpflanzen
The appearance of this last-named work rendered the task of bryologists easier, and caused such an accession to their ranks as to necessitate the production of a second edition, the first part of which has just been issued.