Brucellosis - regionally emerging zoonotic disease?

  title={Brucellosis - regionally emerging zoonotic disease?},
  author={Mayada M. Gwida and Sascha Al Dahouk and Falk Melzer and U. R{\"o}sler and Heinrich Neubauer and Herbert Tomaso},
  journal={Croatian medical journal},
  volume={51 4},
AIM To gain deeper insight into the seroprevalence of brucellosis, which remains a zoonotic disease of worldwide public health concern, by reviewing studies from countries including North Africa, the Middle East, and India. METHODS Studies on brucellosis performed in countries that are neighbors or important trading partners of the European Union and on trade animals and their products were analyzed. We reviewed 37 seroprevalence studies on brucellosis published from 1948 to 2009 retrieved… CONTINUE READING