Brucellosis in Camels ( Camelus dromedorius ) in the south province of Jordan Hawari

  title={Brucellosis in Camels ( Camelus dromedorius ) in the south province of Jordan Hawari},
  author={Azmi Dawood},
A study of the prevalence of camel brucellosis has been carried out in the south province of Jordan during the years 2006 and 2007. Six hundred forty camel sera from 44 herds were randomly collected and analyzed. Rose Bengal plate test was used to screen all serum samples. The positive samples were subjected to confirmation by complement fixation test. The true prevalence of Brucella seropositive was 15.8%. Brucella melitensis biotype 3 was isolated from 2 aborted fetuses and from 2 milk… CONTINUE READING


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