Brucellosis: serological methods compared.

  title={Brucellosis: serological methods compared.},
  author={Wolfgang R. Heizmann and Konrad Botzenhart and Gabriele D{\"o}ller and D Schanz and George Hermann and K. Fleischmann},
  journal={The Journal of hygiene},
  volume={95 3},
At least 12 persons contracted clinical, and 4 persons subclinical Brucella melitensis infection during a brucellosis epidemic in the spring and summer of 1983 in Southern Germany, a region which had been free of this disease for the past 20 years. All cases of illness were traced to one infected herd of sheep. The presence of antibodies against B. melitensis was examined in 72 sera of infected patients using the following tests: agglutination, Coomb's test, two complement fixation tests with… CONTINUE READING