Brucella spp. lumazine synthase: a novel antigen delivery system.

  title={Brucella spp. lumazine synthase: a novel antigen delivery system.},
  author={Edda Sciutto and Andrea Toledo and Carmen G. Cruz and Gabriela Rosas and Gabriela Casta{\~n}o ‐ Meneses and Diego Andr{\'e}s Laplagne and Natalia Ainciart and Jacquelynne Cervantes and Gladis Fragoso and Fernando Alberto Goldbaum},
  volume={23 21},
Lumazine synthase from Brucella spp. (BLS) was evaluated as a protein carrier to improve antigen delivery of KETc1, one of the peptides of the anti-cysticercosis vaccine. KETc1 becomes antigenic, preserved its immunogenicity and its protective capacity when expressed as a recombinant chimeric protein using Brucella spp. lumazine synthase. KETc1 and BLS-KETc1 were not MHC H-2(d), H-2(k) nor H-2(b) haplotype-restricted albeit KETc1 is preferentially presented in the H-2(b) haplotype. These… CONTINUE READING
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