Browsing with Alexa: Interrogating the impact of voice assistants as web interfaces

  title={Browsing with Alexa: Interrogating the impact of voice assistants as web interfaces},
  author={Simone Natale and Henry Cooke},
  journal={Media, Culture \& Society},
  pages={1000 - 1016}
Voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have recently been the subject of lively debates in regard to issues such as artificial intelligence, surveillance, gender stereotypes, and privacy. Less attention, however, has been given to the fact that voice assistants are also web interfaces that might impact on how the web is accessed, understood and employed by users. This article aims to advance work in this context by identifying a range of issues that should spark additional… 
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Intelligente Persönliche Assistenten (IPA) mit Voice User Interfaces (VUI) als ‚Beteiligte‘ in häuslicher Alltags­interaktion. Welchen Aufschluss geben die Protokolldaten der Assistenzsysteme?
The paper discusses how IPA log data can be used to analyze how the IPA systems operate through their connection to platforms and infrastructures, how the dialog systems are de­signed today and how users integrate them into their everyday social interaction.


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Abstract Second/foreign language (L2) classrooms do not always provide opportunities for input and output practice [Lightbown, P. M. (2000). Classroom SLA research and second language teaching.
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  • Psychology, Computer Science
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This study investigates the relevance of anthropomorphism and social presence to important company-related outcomes, such as attitudes, satisfaction and the emotional connection that consumers feel with the company after interacting with the chatbot.
Asking more of Siri and Alexa: feminine persona in service of surveillance capitalism
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ABSTRACT This paper illuminates how gendered stereotypes can be leveraged to assuage anxieties surrounding artificially intelligent virtual assistants (AI VA). In particular, the analysis shows that