Brownian dynamics simulation of DNA unrolling from the nucleosome.

  title={Brownian dynamics simulation of DNA unrolling from the nucleosome.},
  author={Tomasz Wocjan and Konstantin V. Klenin and J{\"o}rg Langowski},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={113 9},
Nucleosomes organize chromatin in eukaryotic cells at the lowest scale by wrapping the DNA double helix around a histone octamer. The mechanism by which this structure can be opened, giving access to DNA-processing enzymes, is of fundamental biological importance. Here we describe a new coarse-grained model based on the toroidal geometry of the nucleosome which allows the simulation of nucleosome stretching experiments with a Brownian dynamics algorithm including hydrodynamics. We obtain force… CONTINUE READING