Brown tides and mariculture in Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

  title={Brown tides and mariculture in Saldanha Bay, South Africa.},
  author={Trevor A. Probyn and Grant C Pitcher and Ronel Pienaar and Robert Nuzzi},
  journal={Marine pollution bulletin},
  volume={42 5},
In 1997, the brown tide organism, Aureococcus anophageffens, was detected for the first time in Saldanha Bay, South Africa. Its presence was limited to an isolated, tidal dam that was similarly impacted during the late summer of the following two years but not in 2000. Bloom concentrations are typically of the order of 10(-9) cells l-1. This is one of the few reported occurrences of these nuisance blooms outside the north-eastern United States. A small oyster grow-out facility based in the dam… CONTINUE READING

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