Brown midrib sorghum silage for midlactation dairy cows.


Brown midrib sorghum silage was compared with alfalfa, corn, and normal sorghum silages for its effect on performance, ruminal metabolism, and digestive kinetics of Holstein dairy cows in midlactation. Twelve cows averaging 90 +/- 5 DIM were assigned to one of four diets in replicated 4 x 4 Latin squares with 4-wk periods. Additionally, 3 ruminally… (More)


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@article{Grant1995BrownMS, title={Brown midrib sorghum silage for midlactation dairy cows.}, author={R. J. Grant and St{\'e}phanie Haddad and Kerry Moore and J{\"o}rgen Pedersen}, journal={Journal of dairy science}, year={1995}, volume={78 9}, pages={1970-80} }