Brown carbon formation from ketoaldehydes of biogenic monoterpenest.

  title={Brown carbon formation from ketoaldehydes of biogenic monoterpenest.},
  author={Tran Bao Nhan Nguyen and Alexander Laskin and Julia Laskin and Sergey A Nizkorodov},
  journal={Faraday discussions},
Sources and chemical composition of brown carbon are poorly understood, and even less is known about the mechanisms of its atmospheric transformations. This work presents molecular-level investigations of the reactive compound ketolimononaldehyde (KLA, C9H14O3), a second-generation ozonolysis product of limonene (C10H16), as a potent brown carbon precursor in secondary organic aerosol (SOA) through its reactions with reduced nitrogen compounds, such as ammonium ion (NH4+), ammonia, and amino… CONTINUE READING


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