Brown Dippers (Cinclus pallasi) Overwintering At −65°C in Northeastern Siberia

  title={Brown Dippers (Cinclus pallasi) Overwintering At −65°C in Northeastern Siberia},
  author={V. Dinets and Michael S. Sanchez},
  journal={The Wilson Journal of Ornithology},
  pages={397 - 400}
ABSTRACT The Brown Dipper (Cinclus pallasi) was discovered to be a regular winter resident in the mountains of Verkhoyansk Range in Northeastern Siberia. This area is one of the coldest in the Northern Hemisphere, with winter temperatures normally staying around −50 °C and occasionally dropping below −65 °C. Despite the extreme cold, the birds exhibited normal foraging behavior. Precise breeding locations of these dippers, wintering almost 200 km NW from the species' known range, remain unknown… Expand