Bronchoscopic long-term palliation of a recurrent atypical carcinoid tumor.

  title={Bronchoscopic long-term palliation of a recurrent atypical carcinoid tumor.},
  author={Stamatis Katsenos and Jos{\'e} Rafael Rojas-Solano and Maren Schuhmann and H. D. Becker},
  journal={Respiration; international review of thoracic diseases},
  volume={81 4},
Bronchial carcinoid tumors account for 1-2% of all primary lung tumors and are separated into 2 subgroups: typical and atypical carcinoids. Atypical carcinoids as intermediate-grade malignancies can metastasize more frequently, thus exhibiting poorer prognosis than the low-grade typical carcinoid tumors. Surgical resection remains the mainstay of treatment for pulmonary carcinoids. Bronchoscopic treatment using ablation techniques is an effective alternative to surgery in selected patients with… CONTINUE READING