Bronchodilators increase airway instability in cystic fibrosis.


Supramaximal flow transients of partial expiratory flow-volume curves are caused by a rapidly emptying compartment. By superimposing a maximal and a series of partial expiratory flow-volume curves, the volume of the flow transient equivalent for the maximal curve was estimated (volume of airway contribution = VACMEFV). This flow transient equivalent is… (More)


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@article{Zach1985BronchodilatorsIA, title={Bronchodilators increase airway instability in cystic fibrosis.}, author={Maria Zach and B{\'e}atrice Oberwaldner and G{\"u}nter Forche and Gianluca Polgar}, journal={The American review of respiratory disease}, year={1985}, volume={131 4}, pages={537-43} }