Bronchial dehiscence in lung transplantation: CT evaluation.

  title={Bronchial dehiscence in lung transplantation: CT evaluation.},
  author={Janice Semenkovich and Harvey S. Glazer and David C Anderson and Joseph M Arcidi and Joel David Cooper and G. Alexander Patterson},
  volume={194 1},
PURPOSE To determine the signs of bronchial dehiscence on computed tomographic (CT) scans in a select subset of lung transplant recipients. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 23 patients who underwent single or bilateral sequential lung transplantations, CT scans were obtained for suspected or known diagnosis of bronchial dehiscence. Dehiscence was identified at bronchoscopy in 17 of the 23 patients. In four patients, the dehiscence was bilateral, resulting in 21 anastomotic dehiscences. RESULTS CT… CONTINUE READING