Bronchial carcinogenesis in syngeneic hamsters.


Endobronchial sustained release implants of carcinogen were placed in males (m) and females (f) of four varieties of syngeneic hamsters: BIOF1D; BIO87.20; BIO1.5; BIO15.16. The sequential progression of carcinogenesis that occurred was faster for 1.5m than for 1.5f (P = 0.01) and less rapid for 15.16m than for 87.20m and F1Dm (P < 0.05). Fewer invasive… (More)


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@article{Fernando1996BronchialCI, title={Bronchial carcinogenesis in syngeneic hamsters.}, author={H. C. Fernando and William G. Hammond and Jeremy James Johnson and John R. Benfield}, journal={Cancer letters}, year={1996}, volume={108 2}, pages={201-4} }