Broncasma Bernaの鼻副鼻腔炎に対する二重盲検法 (Double blind test) による検討

  title={Broncasma Bernaの鼻副鼻腔炎に対する二重盲検法 (Double blind test) による検討},
  author={一郎 古内 and 馬場 廣太郎 and 文幸 河島 and 池田 美恵子 and 裕二 奥沢 and 泰彦 橋本 and 駿吉 馬場 and 忠郎 西村 and 哮 石川 and 洋祐 藤田 and 斉 柚木},
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[Immunotherapy by polyvalent bacterial antigen (Broncasma Berna) in the prevention of pneumonia in the elderly].
It may be concluded that Broncasma Berna can be considered to be effective as a long-term immunoprophylactic agent in the prevention of pneumonia in the elderly. Expand
[The change in resistance factors on immunotherapy in patients with recurrent infectious diseases].
It was suggested that Broncasma Berna was effective in immunotherapy and the effect might be due to opsonic activity. Expand