Bromopyridazinedione-mediated protein and peptide bioconjugation.


Bromopyridazinedione-mediated bioconjugation to a cysteine containing protein and a disulfide containing peptide is described. The conjugates are cleavable in an excess of thiol, including cytoplasmically-relevant concentrations of glutathione, and show a high level of hydrolytic stability. The constructs have the potential for four points of chemical… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c1cc12807h


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@article{Chudasama2011BromopyridazinedionemediatedPA, title={Bromopyridazinedione-mediated protein and peptide bioconjugation.}, author={Vijay Chudasama and Mark E. B. Smith and Felix F. Schumacher and Danai Papaioannou and Gabriel Waksman and James R. Baker and Stephen Caddick}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2011}, volume={47 31}, pages={8781-3} }