Bromocriptine lowers intraocular pressure without affecting blood pressure.

  title={Bromocriptine lowers intraocular pressure without affecting blood pressure.},
  author={Qais A Mekki and Sahar Mahmoud Hassan and Paul Turner},
  volume={1 8336},
Oral bromocriptine (1.25 mg) was given to 8 healthy volunteers in a double-blind placebo controlled cross-over study. 3 and 4 h after taking the tablet there was a significant reduction in intraocular pressure but no change in pupil diameter. There were no changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and systolic time intervals in 6 other healthy volunteers within 3 h of being given 1.25 mg bromocriptine. These results suggest that dopamine receptors may be involved in the control of intraocular… CONTINUE READING

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