Bromocriptine in Parkinsonism.

  title={Bromocriptine in Parkinsonism.},
  author={Donald B. Calne and P F Teychenn{\'e} and L. Erik Claver{\'i}a and Richard C. Eastman and J K Greenacre and Aviva Petrie},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={4 5942},
Bromocriptine, a drug acting directly upon dopaminergic receptors, has been found to have a significant therapeutic action in a double-blind study of 20 patients with idiopathic Parkinsonism who were already receiving conventional therapy, including levodopa. Neurological deficits improved by almost 20% in severely disabled patients; amelioration of mildly affected patients was about 10%. Adverse reactions were similar to those encountered with levodopa-they were all dose-dependent and… CONTINUE READING

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