Bromine--the red cloud approaching.

  title={Bromine--the red cloud approaching.},
  author={Igor Makarovsky and Gal Markel and Azik Hoffman and Ophir Schein and Tal Brosh-Nissimov and Arseny Finkelstien and Zeev Tashma and Tsvika Dushnitsky and A Eisenkraft},
  journal={The Israel Medical Association journal : IMAJ},
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Bromine is a strong and prevalent irritating agent that can spread both as liquid and as fumes. It has a characteristic reddish-brown color. The mainstay of the medical management is supportive and symptomatic therapy that should be given as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Medical personnel, especially the emergency department staff, should be familiar with its health effects, including the safety precautions needed when caring for casualties following such an exposure.