Brominated beta-carbolines from the marine tunicate Eudistoma album.

  title={Brominated beta-carbolines from the marine tunicate Eudistoma album.},
  author={Saburi A. Adesanya and M. Chbani and Mary Pa{\"i}s and C{\'e}cile Debitus},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={55 4},
Chemical investigation of the cytotoxic EtOH extract of the marine tunicate Eudistoma album led to the isolation of three brominated beta-carbolines which were characterized by their spectral data. Two of them, eudistomin E, which is already known for its potent antiviral activity, and the novel compound eudistalbin A [1], were shown to possess cytotoxic activity (ED50 less than 5.0 ng and 3.2 micrograms/ml respectively) in vitro against the growth of KB human buccal carcinoma cells. The third… 

Nucleoside Constituents of the Egyptian Tunicate Eudistoma laysani

Chemical investigation of the crude extract of the Egyptian marine tunicate Eudistoma laysani led to the isolation of a new nucleoside; 3-deazainosine and four known ones; inosine, 2'-deoxyuridine,

Structure Elucidation and Anticancer Activity of 7-Oxostaurosporine Derivatives from the Brazilian Endemic Tunicate Eudistoma vannamei

Two new staurosporine derivatives are identified from mid-polar fractions of an aqueous methanol extract of the tunicate Eudistoma vannamei, endemic to the northeast coast of Brazil.

New Unusual Alkaloids from the Ascidian Eudistoma vannamei

The MeOH extract of the ascidian Eudistoma vannamei was found to contain three novel compounds, the adenine alkaloid derivatives 9-[N-(leucyl)-isoleucyl]-adenine (1) and

Cytotoxic activity of a dichloromethane extract and fractions obtained from Eudistoma vannamei (Tunicata: Ascidiacea).

New Isoeudistomin Class Dihydro-β-Carbolines from an Undescribed Ascidian of the Genus Eudistoma.

Two new dihydro-β-carbolines have been isolated from an undescribed Western Australian ascidian of the genus Eudistoma by comprehensive spectral analyses primarily involving 2D NMR.

7-Bromo-1-ethyl-β-carboline, an Alkaloid from the New Zealand Marine Bryozoan Pterocella vesiculosa

A new alkaloid, 7-bromo-1-ethyl-β-carboline (1) has been isolated from the New Zealand marine bryozoan Pterocella vesiculosa (Lamarck, 1816). Structural elucidation was achieved through NMR