Bromelain purification through unconventional aqueous two-phase system (PEG/ammonium sulphate).

  title={Bromelain purification through unconventional aqueous two-phase system (PEG/ammonium sulphate).},
  author={Daniela Coelho and Edgar Silveira and Adalberto Pessoa J{\'u}nior and Elias Basile Tambourgi},
  journal={Bioprocess and biosystems engineering},
  volume={36 2},
This paper focuses on the feasibility of unconventional aqueous two-phase systems for bromelain purification from pineapple processing waste. The main difference in comparison with conventional systems is the integration of the liquid-liquid extraction technique with fractional precipitation, which can decrease the protein content with no loss of biological activity by removing of unwanted molecules. The analysis of the results was based on the response surface methodology and revealed that the… CONTINUE READING

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