author={J. Haldeman},
The apocalypse: a great day out for the whole family. 
The Performers Alliance: Conflict and change within the Screen Actors Guild
The Performers Alliance: Conflict and Change Within The Screen Actors Guild
The Women Comrades of Chatsworth
This paper examined the pioneering role played in road nmning by the women of the Sookraj(h) family of Chatsworth who, despite the turmoil of forced removals, racial oppression, and a patriarchalExpand
Spiritual Journeys: A Study of Ifá /Òrìṣà Practitioners in the United States Initiated by Nigeria
Follow this and additional works at: Part of the African American Studies Commons, African History Commons, African Languages and Societies Commons, African StudiesExpand
Identity Construction in Centenarian Human Service Agencies: Coherence amid Change
Three central and enduring themes related to the construction and reconstruction of the organizational identities of 24 charitable organizations in a Southern city are examined: communicatingExpand
No Religion Is an Island: Teaching World Religions to Adolescents in a Jewish Educational Context
What is the place of teaching about other world religions in a Jewish educational curriculum for adolescents? This article explores a course in world religions that has been taught at the GenesisExpand
Acid Violence And Medical Care In Bangladesh
It is shown how the interaction between local and international-level civil society organizations made international resources available to local feminist groups engaged in domestic social struggles and helped to improve medical care for acid victims of Bangladesh. Expand
Ethical Considerations of Multiple Roles in Forensic Services
Attorneys increasingly rely on the services of mental health practitioners. Although some practitioners lack training, the promise of professional rewards lead some to accept opportunities withExpand
Muslimah Beauty Veiling, Piety and Commodity in the New Indonesian Public Sphere
This study focusses on the genealogy of the Forum Lingkar Pena and Komunitas Matapena movements, which have produced novel Islam remaja (Islamic youth novels) and novel pop pesantren (pesantrenExpand
Civil Society Cooperation in the Face of Territorial Adversity: The Estonian–Russian Case
Abstract The main objective of this paper is two‐fold. In its first part, it gives a description of the main civil society actors of local and regional cross‐border cooperation in theExpand


Aan het eind van het schooljaar 2014-2015 beschikt een BB-kandidaat voor de rekentoets over maximaal drie cijfers:  het cijfer voor de pilot-rekentoets BB
    De leerlingresultaten voor de pilot-rekentoets BB worden door Cito op 22 april 2015, dat wil zeggen gelijktijdig met 2F en 3F, aan de BB-scholen gerapporteerd
      De normering van de pilot-rekentoets BB De pilot-rekentoets BB zal afzonderlijk worden genormeerd
        De normering van de pilot-rekentoetsen 2ER en 3ER De pilot-rekentoetsen 2ER en 3ER zullen afzonderlijk worden genormeerd
          KB-leerlingen kregen een cijfer dat één op één overeenkomt met het 2F-niveau
            Maatwerk per leerweg zal ook in 2014-2015 bij de normering van de rekentoets 2F worden toegepast
               Mr . Vinod Chacko  Ms . Sarita Goel  Dr . Sumitra Arya  Mr . Abhishek Rai  Mr . Kuldeep  Ms . Komal Goyal  Mr . Umesh  Dr . Devendra National Advisory Committee  Prof
                 het BB-cijfer van de eerste keer dat hij de rekentoets 2F aflegde
                   het BB-cijfer van de tweede keer dat hij de rekentoets 2F aflegde