Broadly tunable compact continuous-wave Cr(2+):ZnS laser.

  title={Broadly tunable compact continuous-wave Cr(2+):ZnS laser.},
  author={Irina T. Sorokina and Evgeni Sorokin and Sergey B. Mirov and Vladimir Fedorov and Valery Badikov and Vladimir L. Panyutin and Kathleen I Schaffers},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={27 12},
We report the development of a continuous-wave, room-temperature Cr(2+) ZnS laser that is compact and tunable over 700 nm. The laser is pumped by a diode-pumped Er-fiber laser and generates 0.7 W of linearly polarized radiation at 2.35microm , at up to 40% slope efficiency. Cr(2+) ZnS directly diode-pumped at 1.6microm yields polarized radiation that is tunable over 400 nm at up to 25 mW of output power. A comparison of Cr(2+) ZnS with Cr ZnSe (70 mW, 350 nm) in a similar setup is given. As… CONTINUE READING
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