Broadening Frontiers of Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with π-Conjugated Trigonal-Planar Groups

  title={Broadening Frontiers of Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with $\pi$-Conjugated Trigonal-Planar Groups},
  author={Zhuang Li and Yi Yang and Yangwu Guo and Wenhao Xing and Xiaoyu Luo and Zheshuai Lin and Jiyong Yao and Yicheng Wu},
  journal={Chemistry of Materials},
Trigonal-planar units with high physicochemical stability and large polarizability anisotropy are one kind of promising fundamental building block (FBB) for constructing novel nonlinear optical (NL... 
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An unprecedented planar π-conjugated [B2P5]5- group with ultra-large birefringence and nonlinearity: an ab initio study.
Analysis of a newly reported [B2P5]5- group which consisted of two corner-sharing [BP3]3- trigonal planar units reveals that the modulation of the electronegativity of constituent elements upon replacing with the elements in the same period can effectively improve the NLO responses.
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A new noncentrosymmetric selenide exhibits fascinating “three in one” coordination modes and a strong second harmonic generation response.
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Hybridization-enabled approach of a new deep-ultraviolet transparent nonlinear-optical material Ba11[Al(PO4)4](P2O7)(PO4)3 exhibiting balanced overall performance and featuring three types of


Trigonal Planar [HgSe3](4-) Unit: A New Kind of Basic Functional Group in IR Nonlinear Optical Materials with Large Susceptibility and Physicochemical Stability.
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The refractive indices of ZnGeP2, point group 42m, have been determined from 0.64 to 12 μ. ZnGeP2 has positive birefringence with reasonable temperature tunability and a band gap in the visible. Its
Zn3P2S8: A Promising Infrared Nonlinear-Optical Material with Excellent Overall Properties.
The differential scanning calorimetry curve indicates a congruent-melting thermal behavior of Zn3P2S8, which is conducive to large single-crystal growth, which makes it a practically usable IR nonlinear-optical candidate.
Hg-Based Infrared Nonlinear Optical Material KHg4Ga5Se12 Exhibits Good Phase-Matchability and Exceptional Second Harmonic Generation Response
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Cooperation of Three Chromophores Generates the Water-Resistant Nitrate Nonlinear Optical Material Bi3 TeO6 OH(NO3 )2.
Theoretical calculations reveal that foreign water molecules cannot stably stay in the crystal lattice of Bi3 TeO6 OH(NO3 )2, highlighting the introduction of diverse chromophores into the nitrate systems as an effective approach for developing practical nitrate NLO materials that are of high water-resistance and good optical performance.